Your Regularly Scheduled Dental Screenings

Your well-being – it’s something we never take for granted. It is why we work so hard to keep you comfortable…and it is also why we emphasize the importance of your regularly scheduled exams and screenings. These dental exams and screenings allow us to look for developing signs of periodontal disease, TMJ, and even the earliest signs of tooth decay. We know that when a problem is caught early, it is much easier and less expensive to treat and has much less impact on your systemic health.

We always screen for oral cancer because it is one of the fastest growing of all cancers. The early symptoms can be very subtle and painless so you probably won’t realize you have it until it becomes more advanced. Catching it early could save your life!

And to ensure that our screenings are the most accurate available, we have invested in the latest technology, such as digital x-rays and panographic x-ray equipment, to allow us to get a detailed overview of your entire mouth including your teeth, jawbone, sinuses and other parts of your head and neck.

If you have not had a dental check-up or comprehensive exam recently, give Plymouth Station Dental a call. We can help make sure your mouth is healthy – and that it stays that way.